Thomas A.
"Andrea's super reliable, flexible, and truly cares about the dogs she walks as individuals. I'm completely happy with her, and so is my dog - she's at the door like a shot when Andrea shows up, and she conks out the minute she gets home, happy and exhausted from an active day on the beach with her pack."
Shannon M.
"Andrea has been walking my dog Maddie since I rescued her 8 months ago. She has been wonderful with Maddie and is an excellent communicator! Maddie had some behavior issues with the pack and Andrea has been so helpful and patient with her! She has recommended dog trainers and taken the time to work with Maddie...going above and beyond what was expected! I trust Andrea and know how much she truly cares about dogs!"
Maggie P.
"Andrea is absolutely fantastic! She adores my dogs and always leaves my house impeccable! I never have a worry leaving my most prized possessions in her care. Her communication is great and the cute pictures during her stay always make me smile. Rest assured your dogs are in great hands!"
Emil W.
"Andrea (owner of K9 Rockstars) has been amazing and something of a godsend. We have a high-energy dog who needs to be exercised everyday otherwise he gets very bored (and then somewhat destructive). Each day he comes back from K9 Rockstars and happily settles in for a nap, which is magical. And here's the thing I like best about working with Andrea: I know she truly takes care of our dog for the time he's with her. She's so sweet with him: patient, firm, instructive, warm. Plus she's flexible and is always there when she says she's going to be. We've left our dog with K9 for a weekend and never worried for a moment. After going through several instances where we were looking for someone to walk/exercise our dog, we feel we hit it out of the park with Andrea."
Kathleen M.
"I've been working with Andrea now for about a year and half, and am SO impressed with her professionalism, her commitment to her dogs, and her communication.  She goes SO FAR above and beyond . . .  And there are a lot of multi-person dog-walking services in SF, but I love the very personal, individualized service Andrea provides.  My dog LOVES her and all her K9 Rockstar buddies. Can't say enough good things."