Let's take your Rockstar for a walk! We are a licensed and insured dog walking service located in San Francisco. We will come pick up your dog and take him or her on an awesome hour long walk. K9 Rockstars caters to pee breaks as well to help both you and your pup feel comfortable while you are out! (2 days minimum)

Group Walks 

$31 for 1 dog

$60 for 2 dogs

Individual Care

$28 for Pee breaks | $40 for 2 dogs


House sitting allows your fur-baby to rock out in their own home, in their own bed, with their toys and surrounded by smells and things that they are familiar with. Keeping their regular routine makes them feel comfortable and less anxious while you are temporarily gone.


$70 per day. The price includes walks everyday, feedings, any medication that needs to be distributed, clean house, clean dog (if needed), litter box, trash, and mail.


K9 RockStars also caters to cats, birds, rodents and fish! Whether you're at work or going out of town, we can offer outstanding service to your pet companion.


Depending on your pets needs, the price varies due to the number of visits, feedings, etc. Please call and we will gladly discuss how we can help you.

Let's walk your Rockstar!

When you sign your dog up for pack walks with K9 RockStars they will be partying at Thornton beach off of Skyline drive. Thornton is a safe beach with many, many trails for the dogs to exercise , wrestle, hunt gophers, chase birds, pee on things and dig holes. This environment allows safety and plenty of room for pack training and socialization skills. I walk the dogs off leash when they are ready and this is judged by “recall” and obedience. It’s a beautiful spot outside of the city of San Francisco, close to Fort Funston. Your dog will be tired at the end of the day and will have learned a few pack rules. We party hard and take no gophers for prisoners. If this sounds like an environment for your dog to party in and make best friends (because we all need our party friends), hook up with us to rock out.

Do you have an older RockStar that doesn't need a full walk, just a pee break throughout the day? We cover that too! This visit usually last 10-20 mins and we clean up after your pet.


See what our K9 Rockstars clients have to say!

Kathleen M.
"I've been working with Andrea now for about a year and half, and am SO impressed with her professionalism, her commitment to her dogs, and her communication.  She goes SO FAR above and beyond . . .  And there are a lot of multi-person dog-walking services in SF, but I love the very personal, individualized service Andrea provides.  My dog LOVES her and all her K9 Rockstar buddies. Can't say enough good things."
Thomas A.
"Andrea's super reliable, flexible, and truly cares about the dogs she walks as individuals. I'm completely happy with her, and so is my dog - she's at the door like a shot when Andrea shows up, and she conks out the minute she gets home, happy and exhausted from an active day on the beach with her pack."
Maggie P.
"Andrea is absolutely fantastic! She adores my dogs and always leaves my house impeccable! I never have a worry leaving my most prized possessions in her care. Her communication is great and the cute pictures during her stay always make me smile. Rest assured your dogs are in great hands!"

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